You better grab an umbrella…

11 Aug

M: If I were a wizard on Waverly Place or in Hogwarts, I would make all my food cupcakes.

L: If I were a wizard I would make my room clean itself.

M: You can’t be a wizard.

L: Oh yeah? I can make it rain…*does hand motion to indicate making it rain*


This one needs the back story.

See, what had happened was I was watching some music videos on You Tube (I have a weakness for Hip Hop/Instructional Dance Music, more on that in a future post) and I *thought* the kids were in bed. Unfortunately, they were not. Right in the middle of a very classy video featuring Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, and a host of lovely ladies, L. announces his presence by saying, “What is making it rain?” And… he was doing the hand motion. Thinking quickly, I told him it was a traditional rain dance. L. spent the next day “making it rain” and guess what? It rained! So now L. is sure that he KNOWS how to make it rain (and anytime it is too hot/dry he WILL perform this dance. In public.) and I am paying for my quick thinking by constantly having to explain myself. :/


One Response to “You better grab an umbrella…”

  1. sheridan August 16, 2010 at 8:40 pm #

    tell L we need rain!!

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