Wait, what did you say again?

24 Aug

L: M, listen to the song I learned at school about the jew.

M: what?

L: Listen to my song about the jew.

M: What?

L: The Jew!

M: WHAT?! L! You shouldn’t talk about Jews like that. Mommy says don’t sing songs that make fun of people.

L: But, my song is all about the animals in the cages and following directions.

M: Do you mean the Z-O-O Zoo?

L: Yep. *commences singing but stops mid word* I am going to break all your toys when you are older.


#1: I can’t believe she actually listens to me! Yay!

#2: Please forgive my erratic posting lately. I have decided to stop posting on Sundays and school started this week. It’s been crazy trying to get everyone on the new schedule!


One Response to “Wait, what did you say again?”

  1. Celeste August 24, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

    Omg this one is priceless

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