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I wonder if they are allowed to wear alligator shoes or if it’s now only boots with the fur?

20 Oct

L: Let’s start a club.

M: Okay! What should we call it?

L: I don’t know.

M: I know! The Crocodile Dentist Players Club!


Future librarian?

19 Oct

M: L, come here and let me show you this website; it will blow your mind off.


For those of you that are wondering: I asked M, and she said the website was Kid Picks. Naturally, I went to kidpicks(dot)com. DON”T GO TO THAT WEBSITE!!! It will indeed blow your mind off. She said she found the site at school, so I am going to send her teacher a note to find out what the real address is. I tried .org, but had no luck. UPDATE: The site was kid pix. (I searched the history.) Turns out it is a software program available to schools for art work. By the way, I told you not to go to that site!

The doctor is in.

6 Oct

L: Okay, Mommy, I washed my hands.

M: Did you wash between your fingers and on your wrists? Germs Love to hide out on the wrist.

L: My germs are normal and do not hide from me washing.

M: No, washing your hands kills the gems.

L: What?! I want to keep my germs.

M: No, they will make you sick.

L: Well, then they are not my frwends anymerl.

M: That’s probably best.

You’re My Boy, Blue!

5 Oct

L: M, M, that is Michael. He is my bestest friend. I love him.

M: (condescendingly) You have no idea what real friendship is.


For some reason, this made me laugh really hard. As soon as M delivered her line, I had images of her pulling her battered best friend from behind enemy lines all the way to safety. It was very “Black Hawk Down.” or possibly Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan…