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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a uniphant?

30 Nov

L: Can I borrow a sock?

M: Why?

L: I want to turn Uni into a giant elephant.

M: Okay! I’ll help!


I am still not sure how, using only a sock, you can transform a stuffed unicorn into a giant elephant.

Bonus Picture!!


Holy Love Triangle!

24 Nov

(This all takes place while we are watching a Batman cartoon on Netflix. Batman and Robin are trying to figure out some other girl who dresses up as Bat Woman. In her real life she is the daughter of a notorious gangster and she kidnaps Bruce Wayne to go for a drive.)

M: I think Batman is having a better time with her than he does with Robin.

L: No, Robin is his favorite.

M: I think Robin should be jealous.

An Anatomy Lesson

23 Nov

(Let’s set this up: M was changing from her pajamas into clothes for the day.)

L: A bean is a penis and a penis is a bean. (Oh yeah, L calls his junk a bean. That’s a long story for another day.)

M: I know; you don’t have to tell me every day.

L: I got nuts, too! Hey… Where are your nuts?

M: I don’t have anything gross hanging down there!!



For real, forgive me for my lack of posting lately. The kids haven’t been too funny and I am slammed busy with school work. I am in my last semester of graduate school and I have to finish all my work in the next 2 weeks. Yikes!!

So let’s face the truth…

10 Nov

Sometimes, M & L just aren’t funny! Also, I have been participating in an internship and that, combined with class at night has really cut in to the time I have to surreptisiously listen to the kids. BUT! I have discovered that M & L  l-o-v-e to make videos using photobooth, and I will be posting a few of those later this week. Until then, here is a picture (these are actually over a year old! I am the worst person to remember to take pictures!):