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Being a kid is not so lucrative.

22 Feb

Daddy: L, get up.

L: Whhhhhyyyyyyy do you always have to sit here?

D: It’s my spot.

L: Why can’t I have a spot?

D: Buy a couch.

L: Daaaaaaddddd, I can’t; I’m a kid!

D: Get a job.

L: What can I do? I am a kid?

M: You could be a kid artist!

L: I fink there is not so much money in art.

M: You could be a Japanese Fighter or a Bullfighter in Spain!

L: I fink maybe I will just move.


I know what a Bieber is!!!

8 Feb

L: M, I need a piece of paper.

M: Why? I don’t have many left.

L: I need to write a letter to the commercial people to tell them I know what a Beaver is.

M: What?

L: He’s a mammal! He’s a person so that means he is a mammal.

In case you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, Oops, I mean Big Game; L is talking about this commercial: