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A ghost story

27 May

In an attempt not to go a month between posts, I decided to show you an old video of M telling a ghost story. She is about 3 1/2 in this video. Please ignore the messy messy bedroom. We were in the process of moving and things were a wreck!


Moral Stance

25 May

This Friday at school, both M and L are supposed to dress up like a literary character. M is going as Junie B. Jones, and I have been working with L on his costume ideas. He wanted to be a “Marvel comic guy,” but he doesn’t care which one. I think that is a little boring, so I have been trying to convince him to be a character from Harry Potter.

Me: L, why don’t you be Draco Malfoy? You have blonde hair like him.

L: Malfoy? The bad kid?

Me: Yeah, the kid in Slytherin.

L: (taking my face in his hands) I could not ever be Malfoy. He is very bad and I can not be him. I will be Harry.

He then gave me a look that made me feel like I had just committed the worst sin possible. I guess he’s gonna be Harry.