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Grammar matters

10 Jul

Me: L, what do you want for your birthday cake?

L: Abe Lincoln riding a bear with an assault rifle. Or a bear riding a shark.

Me: Do you want the bear to have the assault rifle or do you mean you want Lincoln to have it?

L: I don’t know. Whatever works


So, I am pretty sure L got the suggestion for the Lincoln/rifle/bear combo from his dad. I know the bear riding a shark is from L because those are his two favorite things. I don’t yet know what his cake will be, but I promise there will be pictures. 

I did find this awesome picture from SharpWriter on deviantART:


Next he might tackle dibision

9 Jul

Me: L, your birthday is three weeks from today!

L: 21 days?

Me: (Excited because Obviously my 5 year old is a math genius) How did you know that? When did you learn multiplication?

L: Yesterday it was 22 days. What is multiplitation?