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30 Sep

Please note, the following conversation took place after M followed a YouTube chain and watched the death scene of the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet.

M: So, they both died?

Me: Yes.

M: Why?

Me: Well, because they didn’t communicate very well and did not really know what the other one was doing.

M: Why didn’t they just text each other?

Me: They didn’t have texting back then. They didn’t have cell phones or even phones.

M: What do you mean no texting?

Me: I mean texting was not possible. It could not happen.

M: That’s crazy. 


Happy birthday, Daddy!

11 Sep

L: Will Daddy’s cake have frosting dots or flowers on it?
M: No, silly, Mommy is making it.
L: I know! We could put animal crackers on it.
M: Yeah, we could put them in the shape of beer. We know he likes that!

At least she knows

9 Sep

M: Do you think the smart girl needs a spanking for sharing all her stupid facts?

Me: M!

M: (whispered as an aside) No, it is just a play I am making, Mommy. I really think facts are awesome, but I have to pretend to be stupid and only care about my beauty so my character can be in a movie and probably get a boyfriend.

Me: But you knowM: (interrupting)Yes mom. I know.