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Ah, history…

7 Oct

Overheard while L was running around outside playing “Indians and Marines” with neighborhood boys. (Whatever happened to Indians and Cowboys?)

L: No, you can’t kill me. I am Columbus. I sailed to the wrong place and now I am going to put all the people that live here first in the brig! 

Brig is short for brigantine and is the military installation equivalent to a jailhouse. 


The Bieber Hair Flip

4 Oct

L: I think it is time to get my hair cut. I don’t like it in my eyes and then I have to do this [flips hair].

M: You look silly flipping your hair like the Beaver.

L: It is in my eyes.

M: That is what ladies do to get a man’s attention [demonstrates a perfect hair flip using hand to flip over shoulder].

L: Why would a man like that?

M: I don’t know. Tell me when you are one.


2 Oct

So, we were watching Supernatural, Season 4, Episode titled “The Monster at the End of this Book” in which Dean and Sam Winchester meet the prophet that is writing what will one day become known as the Winchester Gospel. 

M: Mom, what’s a prophet?

Me: Well, it is someone who can tell future events. That’s not the best way to describe it, but it’s what I’ve got right now.

M: Oh. [Still looking perplexed.]

L: What’s a prophet?

M: It’s a daily newspaper.


+10 points if you immediately get the reference. If you don’t, M is referring to The Daily Prophet, the newspaper in the Harry Potter book series.