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You better not shout, you better not… curse?

15 Dec

L: Is today Christmas?

Me: No, Christmas is in 10 days. Not too far now!

L: Fuck it. Santa takes too long; can you buy me presents?


L is home from school due to strep throat (his first infection!). His mood is generally sour and I guess he has just lost patience with Saint Nick. After (failing at) suppressing laughter, we had a discussion about words for kids and words for grownups. L’s main concern/question: Can I still say darn when we are at home?


‘Tis the Season for Believing.

1 Dec

M: Mom, here is my backpack.

Me: Oh, a note from you…

Dear Mom, Thank you fom helping me with my homework and I love you. Oh and do you believe in Bloodymary

Me: Hmmm… I do not believe in Bloody Mary.

M: I love you, but if you say her name in a bathroom ten times and spin around in the dark and flush the toilet she’ll come and haunt you and kill you.


And because I know you sometimes have trouble believing my transcriptions: